About Us

Music is my life, as said by the great Jimmy Hendrix: 'Music is my religion'.

As a drummer playing in the music band Signal, I have recorded many songs, and I have spent long days and nights in recording studios. During … together with several colleagues, we decided to start our own studio with the idea that it would become a place for the creation of good music.


Our team is comprised of well-known music professionals from Bulgaria. In New Spirit Studio, we offer multi channeled recording, mixing and mastering. Our premises are soundproofed and with modern equipment. We have vast and long experience in the creation of pop and rock productions.


I am delighted that New Spirit Studio was chosen by professionals such as Georgi Andreev, Peter Mladenov, Ensemble Chinari, Lubo Kirov, Orlin Goranov, Stoyan Yankulov(Stundjhzi), Ivaylo Zvezdomirov and more.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at New Spirit Studios so we can collaborate creating the next musical hit, which will take over the music charts.


Vladimir Zahariev and Nadejda Kovacheva,
New Spirit Studio

New spirit Studio

Let your voice be heard!


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Vladimir Zahariev

+ 359 895 669 366


Nadejda Kovacheva

+ 359 887 478 266



bul. Tsar Boris III №41,
1612 Sofia, Krasno selo