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New Spirit is a recording studio with a mission to introduce “the sound of the untold”. Our professional team with substantial experience in music, acoustics and high-tech audio technologies, will answer all your requirements and will turn your idea into a real product.


With patience, passion and attention to every detail, we offer you professional audio recording, mixing, editing and mastering of wide spectrum of musical genres. The technical equipment we possess conforms to the highest requirements for audio recording. The range of high quality technical systems we have at your disposal in our studio, ensures high sound quality, which is a vital element in the audio recording chain.


“”Where words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Andersen


We make professional studio recordings in a studio which has been acoustically treated and is equipped with various types of microphones. The high quality equipment available on site is suitable for wide spectrum of musical genres and instruments.

We offer demonstrations, in which groups can be recorded together. We can also make recordings for the radio, TV, commercials, jingles, audio books, etc.


Each mix requires a different approach. Our team of specialists, with knowledge wider than their area of expertise, will help you by providing various professional mixing services.


The process of editing is obligatory in postproduction, in order for a song or album to be with professional quality. Editing is time consuming but the result is impressive.


Mastering is the last step in the recording process which ensures that your product has realized it’s full potential. Our team will be working in close collaboration with every customer, to fulfill  their project’s capacity and achieve best possible outcome.

New spirit Studio

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